Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Budget Maneuvering Continues, Medicare Political Fallout & Protests Continue

First, a quick note of recognition to the Florida Medicare Advocacy Coalition for their work to improve Medicare.  And, thanks for your link to The Medicare Daily Report.

"House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., sent an email to House Republicans Monday saying he is optmistic [sic] that ongoing budget talks will meet the standard set by Speaker John Boehner -- meaning legislation to raise the debt limit will be accompanied by deficit reduction.  Some Democratic senators, though, are pressing Vice President Joe Biden, who is overseeing budget negotiations, to steer clear of the GOP Medicare plan.  But Democratic leaders also are showing an openness to efforts to control the program's ballooning costs."  A compilation of recent news at:  Dems Push For Debt Deal That Doesn't Include Medicare Cuts.

Freshman Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) faced a tough crowd at a town hall in Superior, WI yesterday as he was met with ‘A street full of protesters’ and people telling the congressman his party’s Medicare plan is “horrible policy.”  One man called out “We’re here to save Medicare.”  Video and other coverage included.

As demonstrated in these pages, it certainly does look like there is a need for Political Advice to Republicans on Medicare.  "Not only do Democrats and independents overwhelmingly support the Medicare program, even Republicans overwhelmingly approve of Medicare.  Even Tea Party Republicans overwhelming approve of Medicare."   After a list of possible approaches for Republicans, including:  "buy up media outlets" and keep saying it DOESN'T end Medicare, the conclusion is bleak for Republicans and Conservatives.  "As a practical matter, it doesn't look like the Republicans will either be able to keep their opponents from talking about their vote to end Medicare or to convince the public that they didn't really vote to end Medicare.  However the Republicans do still have a third option: admit that the vote was a mistake and reverse it."  Hmm.

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