Friday, July 29, 2011

OPINION: Nothing Doing, Also: A Bit of Good News

After a slowly growing build-up, and a long pause, it was a non-decisive day.  Another anti-climax.  Governing interruptus.  Decisions affecting all Americans -- and especially the elderly and disabled -- are put off until another day.  When will it end?

Again, the radical Conservatives -- particularly the freshmen who have no governing experience, and by the way apparently also don't care for civic responsibility -- are precluding progress, are destroying the government of the United States.  How can the people they are supposed to represent stomach this?  Who does this benefit?

Neither party alone can solve the debt problem. They need each other for a solution . . . if  both parties want a solution.  Now, it's obvious that the Conservatives do not want a solution.  They have made their point, which they wanted to do.  Now, they don't know what to do next.  How about move forward?

This is not patriotism.  This is not love of country.  This is, instead, complete vanity -- narcissism at its absolute worst -- self-absorption, conceit.  It's the equivalent of political gluttony and power exercised as a vice.  It's ideology before patriotism.  It's individual selfishness above the common good.

Rep. Boehner, cut them loose and work with any willing Democrats.  Good riddance!  You're better off without them . . . as are we.

In the meantime, we're on hold.  Cue the limp telephone music.

On a Happier Note

"Neither the Boehner nor the Reid plans include cuts to Medicare or Medicaid  KHN’s Mary Agnes Carey talks with Jackie Judd about why that happened and what could bring these entitlements back into the deficit-reduction conversation."  "The ongoing political drama over raising the debt ceiling and reducing spending goes on.  But the most recent proposals -- unlike earlier ones -- say nothing about immediately changing or modifying Medicare or Medicaid.  Why did those programs get taken off the table? "  Read the transcript and find out.

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