Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Q&A on Social Security & Medicare, Balanced Budget - Not Balanced Approach

Answers About Medicare and Social Security

From Friday's live Washington Watch conversation from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare.  They answered many questions about the debt debate, threats to Social Security and Medicare, the “Super Committee” and much more.  Watch:  Your Social Security & Medicare Questions Answered.

Some Politicians Are Just Not Happy With The Constitution

They're baaack.  As if they haven't caused enough misery:  Balanced Budget Amendment To Get Renewed Push By Republicans In Congress.  "As a 'supercommittee' tries to find $1.5 trillion in new deficit cuts this fall, Republicans will be pressing a far more ambitious goal: passing an amendment to the Constitution to require a balanced federal budget.  The idea is being pushed most forcefully by conservative activists eager to shrink the government and its spending but disappointed with the results they've achieved so far in Washington, where Democrats control both the White House and the Senate."

Does calling the latest Conservative Republican game "ambitious" make the debt negotiations less ambitious?  I guess Republicans puppeted by Conservatives don't understand the necessity that government OCCASIONALLY (really) must spend more than it has in order to help the economy.  I think they know, but rather than educate the public that needs to be educated, they keep on pandering to the clueless.  (What does that make them?)

Of course, politicians DO FORGET that sometimes government should spend less.  In reasonably good times, President Clinton built a huge surplus when he left office, and -- it should be said as loudly as possible -- President Bush drove us into tremendously unbalanced (imbecilic) budgets.  Obviously, the balanced budget push is a strong repudiation of President Bush's approach and tenure.

The Saddest Commentary Possible on the State of Today's America

Politics Before Patriotism

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