Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Medicare and Social Security Under Attack

More bad news than good, except for the fact that people are catching on to these attacks.  And, they are working to protect Medicare and Social Security.

Medicare premiums going up due to “Obamacare”? Chain e-mail gets it wrong

"The chain e-mail claimed that Medicare Part B premiums would increase dramatically in future years because of the health care law supported by President Barack Obama.  We couldn’t find evidence to support the e-mail’s numbers.  . . .  The health care law leaves in place the long-established methods for calculating Medicare Part B premiums.  The chain e-mail makes the additional unproved claim that its allegations -- which are false anyway -- were accomplished nefariously and delayed for political purposes.  We rate its claims Pants on Fire."

Chain email messages have become one of the strongest and most consistent ways that the Conservative right fights against the common good.  Hardly a day goes by when I don't receive some completely erroneous (and inappropriate) message from an otherwise rational friend or acquaintance.  I send them to Snopes, and they still don't believe the truth.

Taxing Wall Street - NOT!

"If anyone still questioned who owns Washington, the Congressional supercommittee charged with reducing projected deficits by $1.2 trillion seems determined to end any doubts.  According to press accounts, both the Republicans and Democrats on the committee support a plan to reduce average Social Security benefits by 3 percent.  While whacking our parents and grandparents with a big cut in Social Security benefits apparently draws bipartisan support, the supercommittee will not even score a plan to tax Wall Street financial speculation."

Feeling angry, yet?  Read this, and your blood will boil.  It may be time to lose faith in Democrats.

Social Security Under Attack

From the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare:  "The Washington Post continues its campaign against Social Security with an especially slanted, error-laden and opinion-filled story posing as a front page 'news' story.   There are so many errors in this piece, even beyond the inherent bias of its approach, loaded language and slanted interviews, it would take a 5,000 word opus to highlight them all here.  As a start, here is our President/CEO, Max Richtman’s letter to Washington Post editors."

Please, please read this through and through.

For Your Information

"As ThinkProgress’ Zaid Jilani cataloged earlier this month, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have helped shift media coverage away from conservative concerns about the federal debt and deficit to the more progressive (and important) issues of unemployment and unequal income distribution.  Now, the 99 Percent Movement’s influence on the wider political landscape is becoming clear."

"According to a new poll from the Hill, the majority of likely voters now say 'income inequality has become a big problem for the country,' and 'majorities across practically all income levels, and all political, philosophical and racial lines agreed that the middle class is being reduced.'  Nearly seven in 10 respondents said the current tax system -- which a recent Congressional Budget Office report said is partially responsible for income inequality -- is 'unfair.'"

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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