Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doc Fix Follow Up, Medicare for All

Very quiet.  Very quiet, indeed.

About the Doc Fix

OPINION:  "One item included in the recently-passed bill by Congress to extend the reduced Social Security payroll tax was the annual measure to temporarily prevent a reduction in Medicare payments to doctors; this year set at 27%.  This action, referred to as 'Doc Fix' is required because Congress refuses to find and implement a permanent solution to Medicare reimbursement rates.  Congress cannot continue to take this band-aid approach.  Unless a permanent fix is implemented we won’t have to worry about Medicare.  Doctors will not accept Medicare patients."

Medicare for All

OPINION:  "Various Republicans are pressing the U.S. Supreme Court to rule the 2010 Affordable Care Act unconstitutional because it requires millions of 'working poor' Americans to buy health insurance from commercial carriers.  Surprisingly, a crusading liberal Charleston reformer and activist has joined a Supreme Court brief demanding exactly the same thing."

"... she says, the nation should have a government-run 'single-payer' universal plan providing treatment for every citizen, as other advanced democracies do.  Simply expanding Medicare to cover all ages would achieve it.  That would extend coverage to 50 million left-out Americans, and save billions now wasted on the bureaucracy of competing private insurers."


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