Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Americans Support Medicare & Social Security, Presidential Medicare Cut, Social Security's Promise

Leave Them Alone

It's no surprise.  "The American people also have some priorities about what they don’t want to happen as Congress continues its deliberations about the long-term budgetary situation.  By a lopsided 64 percent to 35 percent, they say they don’t want major changes in Social Security and Medicare included in future deficit reduction proposals."

We know Congress is listening, but we also know that the Republicans, in particular, are spinning their message to make it sound like they agree with us.  We also know that they have an ingrained distaste for Medicare and Social Security.  We need to keep reminding them -- over and over again -- that Medicare matters to millions of people right now.  Email or write your Senator or Congressman today.  And pay attention to every word of their response.

Medicare Cut By Which President

"ROMNEY: We didn’t raise taxes, Mr. President.  You raised taxed [sic] $500 billion dollars.  We didn’t cut Medicare -- one President in modern history cut Medicare, this President.  And I’ll say to him, why didn’t you give me a call, and I would have told you what to do right and what not to do."  Problem is:  Romney Claims Obama Was The ‘Only President’ To Cut Medicare, Ignoring Reagan’s Reductions To The Program.  The other problem: there was no cut, no changes to coverage, no changes to eligibility, simply cost savings.

"Many presidents have made changes to Medicare since 1965, including Republican idol Ronald Regan -- who initially opposed the creation of the program, likening it to 'socialism' and 'communism.'  But by the 1980s, Reagan, had come around to supporting the measure and instituted a series of reforms which are strikingly similar to some of the payment changes proposed by the Affordable Care Act (policies Romney now refers to as cuts or price controls.) [sic]"

The twists and turns of both Presidential politics and the role of government.  Also, the role of language.  As of late, Conservative Republicans have been careful about using the word "entitlement."  When they do, reply with the words "pre-paid public benefit" -- a much more accurate phrase.

The Promise

From the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare:  "Esther Lenett is a National Committee member who lives in Maryland.  She’s 93 years old and depends on Social Security.  She’s one of those wonderful people who you can count on to tell it like it is.  We’re so glad she agreed to talk to us about Social Security, the new Debt Committee and Washington’s rush to play 'let’s make a deal' with the future of millions of American workers."  Watch the video.

Of course, we agree completely that Medicare and Social Security must be preserved.  We recognize that there are real solutions out there to the real problems; we also know full well that there are fake solutions to fake problems!  We must address the real problems, not those contrived by people who are ideologically opposed to pre-paid public benefits and have an agenda to push.  Do talk with your family and friends about how important Medicare and Social Security are to the aged and disabled.

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