Monday, September 12, 2011

Keep Medicare Age, HIGHLIGHT - Income "Security" in Retirement: Romney vs. Perry

Medicare Eligibility Age

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare says that raising Medicare's eligibility age would be a costly benefit cut for seniors.  "Proposals to raise the age of eligibility for Medicare would shift costs to Medicare beneficiaries, employers, and the states.  . . .  Raising the Medicare eligibility age would save the federal government money, but it would increase the cost of health care for everyone else.  Certainly, seniors affected by this proposal would pay more for their health care coverage. Employers and anyone else who purchase private sector health insurance would end up paying more for their coverage."

Of course, we agree.  The voice of reason supported by verifiable facts.

Romney on Social Security

PRIVATIZATION:   "After the debate, Romney campaign adviser Stuart Stevens told reporters that Perry’s desire to 'abolish Social Security' was a 'disqualifying position.'  But in 2007, when Romney was also campaigning for the Republican nomination for president, he supported his own radical change, repeatedly advocating for the privatization of Social Security, a plan pushed by Republicans and former President George W. Bush that failed in 2005."

HIS OWN INCOME SECURITY:  Romney's net worth | $ 250 million (Celebrity NetworthEnough to get by nicely.

COMMENT:  Privatizing Social Security is essentially the same as abolishing it.  Right now Social Security invests in US securities (which once were the safest investment anywhere -- until the Conservative Republicans began to ruin our debt rating).  Privatizing means taking risks that those investments will decline dramatically -- as we have seen with the recent stock market plunge.  Investing in America makes sense from both safety and patriotic points of view.

Perry on Social Security

STILL A PONZI SCHEME:  "Whatever path Rick Perry had to a general election victory got narrower with each word the Texas governor spoke Wednesday night about Social Security.  Perry declined the opportunity to back down from his book's claim that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme at the GOP primary debate Wednesday night, going so far as to criticize his former adviser and current agitator Karl Rove for calling his language provocative."

ON THE DEFENSIVE:  "Mitt Romney's charge that Texas Gov. Rick Perry's views on Social Security are not only out of the conservative mainstream but make him virtually unelectable was the defining headline to emerge from Thursday night's presidential debate.  But it also revealed that Perry's campaign operation may not yet be completely up to speed, despite the fact that he is now the frontrunner."

"Perry seemed blindsided by Romney's charge, arguing simply that the current economic situation justified blunt statements he has made in the past -- namely, that Social Security is a 'Ponzi Scheme' and a 'monstrous lie.'  Yet Perry left a more persuasive defense on the shelf: Romney has used similarly inflammatory language when discussing Social Security in the past."

HIS OWN INCOME SECURITY:  Perry's net worth | $2.8 million (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)  Enough to get by without much of a struggle.

COMMENT: Much of what Mr. Perry says seems to belong in "The Republican Truth-Free Zone."  In fact, one might question his grasp of facts, history, and so forth.  Yet, the question is:  Is he saying these things to win in upcoming primaries?  How can voters be so ignorant?  (Our education system in some states -- for sure.)  Then, how could he win?  How could he lead?  I do understand the anger so many people feel -- and anger IS irrational; it's an emotion.  And, people do need some kind of outlet for their frustration.  However, doesn't it make much more sense to look for solutions, to make a serious attempt to improve and build up rather than weaken and tear down?

Paul Ryan's World

Paul Ryan Protester Handcuffed, Pushed To Ground By Wisconsin Police -- "Three individuals were arrested and charged with trespassing on Tuesday for protesting a speech by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).  Video footage taken by an attendee at the event shows that one of them, Tom Nielsen, received particularly harsh treatment -- he was pushed to the ground and handcuffed.  Nielsen received an additional charge of resisting arrest.  Nielsen is a 71-year-old retired plumber from Kenosha, which falls within Ryan's district."

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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