Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joint Committee, Perry and Social Insecurity

Joint Committee Web Site

As promised, here it is:  the Web site of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction is located at:  The site has information about how to contact the Committee, their calendar, their members, etc.  I strongly recommend that you contact each member with your concerns.

You also can find contact information and learn more about the Joint Committee members at Contacting the Congress.   Remember: you can view hearings on C-SPAN.  Are you a wonk?  or a concerned advocate?  Did you watch the hearing yesterday?

Perry Vs. Social Security

Medicare and Social Security are closely connected in terms of eligibility, structure, and support of the general welfare of America.  They also are bred from the same philosophy that the government has an important role in providing pre-paid public benefits to its citizens.  Thus, TMDR has been giving considerable coverage to Rick Perry's questionable views on Social Security.

"At last night’s CNN/Tea Party Republican presidential candidate’s debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) repeatedly refused to answer whether he still believes that Social Security is unconstitutional, but Perry wasn’t always so shy.  Just last December, Perry addressed a group of conservative lobbyists and state lawmakers at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s National Policy Summit, and he openly and proudly declared his belief that most of the 20th Century violates the Constitution."

How can Mr. Perry continue to hope to be President?  While some might consider his views seditious, he at least is honest and direct about his belief.  If he were President, it would take a strong Congress as well as active Citizens to prevent the demise of our pre-paid public benefits.

But, there's quite a bit of hope that Americans won't stand for losing Social Security.  72 Percent Disagree With Perry That Social Security Is A ‘Monstrous Lie’.  "A new CNN poll shows that 72 percent of Americans think Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) characterization of Social Security as a 'monstrous lie' is 'not accurate.'  That view is even held by 69 percent of Republicans, 67 percent of conservatives, and 59 percent of Tea Party supporters."

It's up to all of us to write the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to tell them our views.  Maybe we also should be writing to the Republican candidates for President to tell them they should be protecting and preserving Medicare and Social Security, not undermining or repealing them.

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