Friday, September 23, 2011

No Cuts - Stop Cuts, Social Security's Promise, Medicare Still in Danger

No Cuts

"The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has launched the largest grassroots mobilization and media campaign in its long history of defending programs vital to millions of Americans."  "Already, the 'No Cuts' campaign has generated 20 thousand calls to Congress from Americans who oppose cutting the nation’s most successful programs to reduce the deficit."

We support NCPSSM and encourage you to do so, too.  Take just a few minutes to watch their video, and then please speak up.  It continues to be the right time to contact your Senators and Congressman, and you should do so today.  Congress really can't hear from you too often.

Stop Cuts

In addition, "AARP,  which lobbies on behalf of seniors, has launched a television campaign designed to persuade members of the congressional 'super committee' charged with finding $1.5 trillion worth of deficit reduction to leave Social Security and Medicare alone."  AARP says, "'Our members and average Americans, like those featured in this ad, have worked hard over their lifetimes and depend on the Medicare and Social Security benefits they have earned for their health and retirement security.  Seniors, who have average incomes of under $20,000, want their elected leaders to cut waste and tax loopholes, not their hard-earned benefits.'"

Clearly, it's important to get the word out.  Remember, it's still up to YOU to "tell Washington."  Make that call or send that email or mail that letter now.  Please do your part.

Contact the Joint Committee

You also can contact the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction:  "Pass along your suggestions to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.  What can we do to reduce our nation's deficit?  We won't be able to respond directly to every recommendation, but we will incorporate your guidance in our work."

This is the Joint Committee's Web site.  This DEFINITELY is a place where you want to be heard.  Take just a few more minutes.  THEY are giving YOU the opportunity to say what's on your mind.  Go for it.  Don't miss this chance to tell them directly.

Keeping Social Security's Promise

Sen. Bernie Sanders is taking the preservation and protection of Social Security seriously.  "The Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act, S.1558, introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), strengthens Social Security for future generations without cutting benefits.  The bill 'goes big' for the nation's most important pension, life and disability insurance plan."  "The Sanders bill (S.1558) closes Social Security's 75-year funding gap by applying Social Security payroll tax contributions to covered earnings of $250,000 or more. Currently, only wages up to $106,800 are taxed."

Private Dangers for Medicare

"If you think Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to privatize Medicare is dead, think again.  Last week, the insurance industry and its allies began what I predict will be a massive campaign to sell the public and policymakers on the idea of moving forward with the Ryan plan -- albeit with a few tweaks and new a new sales pitch to make it seem more consumer-friendly."  "While Ryan would move all Medicare beneficiaries into a privatized system in one fell swoop, the HLC's [Healthcare Leadership Council] plan would do it more gradually.  It would, in the words of the press release, 'create a new 'Medicare Exchange' in which private plans would compete on the basis of cost, quality and value.'"

Sounds great!  Talk about the turn of a phrase.  If they keep this up, in all of the consumer confusion and with our heads spinning, we'll be responding like Mr. Tully in "Ghost Busters:"  "1. You know, Mr. Tully, you are a most fortunate individual.   2. I know.   1. You have been a participant in the biggest interdimensional cross rip since the Tunguska blast of 1909.   2. Sounds great.   3. We'd like to get a sample of your brain tissue.   2. Okay."

The Republican Realty-Free Zone


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