Monday, March 19, 2012

GOP Relentless on Disabling Medicare, Unhappy Wyden, Affordable Care Faces Test

Ryan's Own Mediscare

"In a new Internet video previewing his upcoming budget plan that aims to slash spending and overhaul the Medicare healthcare program for the elderly, Republican lawmaker Paul Ryan warns of a coming debt crisis if U.S. lawmakers fail to act.  It is part of the latest effort by Ryan, the influential chairman of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, to project bold ideas for reining in huge budget deficits."

"But Republican strategists warn that Ryan's plan to partially privatize Medicare is fraught with political danger for the party in its bid to maintain control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the November 6 election."

This is the Republican's own version of "MEDISCARE."

MORE:  "Now Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, is returning to center stage as the GOP doubles down on his conservative budget priorities -- including tax cuts for the wealthy and a new version of his plan for major changes in Medicare."

Tough Times for Wyden

"The question pings off Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden like a hailstone even now, three months after he locked arms with Wisconsin's Republican Rep. Paul Ryan on a plan to save Medicare.  Wyden is in an uncomfortable place these days.  Republicans discuss him with satisfied surprise while many Democrats bounce between incredulous and angry. "

Affordable Care At the Supreme Court

"Here's a thought that can't comfort President Barack Obama: The fate of his health care overhaul rests with four Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices.  His most sweeping domestic achievement could be struck down if they stand together with Justice Clarence Thomas, another GOP appointee who is the likeliest vote against.  But the good news for Obama is that he probably needs only one of the four to side with him to win approval of the law's crucial centerpiece, the requirement that almost everyone in this country has insurance or pays a penalty."

Romney Covert Attacks

OPINION:  "Question: What are the connecting threads between these two recent Mitt Romney news items -- the announcement that he's not enrolling in Medicare, and the revelation that Bain Capital helped him make money helping the Chinese government spy on its people?  Answer: They're both covert attacks on innocent civilians, and they're both based on Romney's own deceptions."

For Your Information

Keep checking 2012 Campaign Watch for updates on the candidate are getting wrong when it comes to Medicare and Social Security.  From NCPSSM.


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