Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Inevitable Romney, Medicare for You

Romney Won't Take Medicare -- How 1% Can You Get?

"In case anyone in America didn't know, Mitt Romney is rich.  So rich, in fact, that yesterday on his 65th birthday, he announced that he's not planning to sign up for Medicare."

"I'm not sure what Romney's trying to prove, but what his action says is clear: I'm not like the Americans who enroll in Medicare.  I'm special.  I'm rich.  I'm better than you.  Ask yourself: If Romney doesn't need or want Medicare for himself, will he protect it for the rest of us who do?  Of course not.  Instead, he'll continue to support the Republican plan to eliminate Medicare as we know it.  He'll work to turn Medicare into a voucher program that will saddle seniors with thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket health care costs.  Because, after all, what senior can't afford to spend an extra $6,400 a year on doctors and hospitals?"

Of course, Mitt can afford it!  And, maybe, that's a great campaign slogan -- Mitt can afford it!  Unfortunately, 99 percent of us can't.

Romney on the March

"There’s a view that Romney’s likely emergence as the GOP’s 2012 standard-bearer invalidates the notion that the party’s base has cracked up in the Obama era, or at least proves it’s wildly overstated.  After all, would a party driven by rabid ideologues who value purity over electability really choose a former Massachusetts governor with such suspect conservative credentials as its candidate?"

"Or there’s Romney’s support for Paul Ryan’s budget plan, which would effectively end Medicare as we now know it.  The plan is an article of faith on the right -- and a Democratic ad maker’s dream.  And his efforts to distance himself from his own Massachusetts healthcare law, which was crafted when the individual mandate was still considered a conservative idea and before the term 'ObamaCare' existed, have made it impossible for Romney to enjoy any kind of advantage on the issue over Obama in the fall."

You Still Can Sign Up for Medicare: Deadline Near

FROM MEDICARE RIGHTS CENTER:  "Consumers who are eligible for Medicare, but who have not yet enrolled in Medicare Part B, should do so before March 31, when the General Enrollment Period (GEP) ends.  Part B of Medicare covers a range of services, including doctor visits and outpatient therapy. Consumers who enroll during the GEP will have coverage effective July 1, 2012."

From Rep. Steve Israel

OPINION:  "This Republican Congress of Chronic Chaos is dusting off last year’s same failed playbook -- where seniors would lose their Medicare while Republicans give more tax breaks to millionaires and Big Oil companies.  I have one response: Bring it on."

For Your Information

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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