Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Romney Steps Up Medicare Deception, Slower Medicare Spending, Romney Doesn't Want Medicare, GOP Prep for 2012

Who Me?  Romney Accuse President of Attacking Medicare

"As part of an effort to reverse the public’s perception of the parties’ positions on Medicare, Mitt Romney’s campaign is appropriating a common Democratic attack and using it against President Obama.  To wit, it’s Obama, not Romney and the GOP, who plans to 'end Medicare as we know it.'"

"There are multiple, and conflicting, facets to this claim, all of which are intended to obscure one fundamental fact -- the GOP broadly supports a plan that, over years, will phase out traditional Medicare, and replace it with a subsidized private (or private-public) insurance system for seniors; President Obama supports, and has signed into law, efforts to make the existing single-payer Medicare plan more cost-effective in order to avoid 'ending Medicare as we know it.'"

Well worth the time to read this article in full.  Conservative Republicans recognize that they already have waited years for the opportunity to destroy Medicare.  At this point in time, they're ready to be patient and wait a few more years.

Good News About Medicare Spending, Bad News For Republicans

"Talking Points Memo has a good post on the New England Journal of Medicine’s new report on slowing the cost growth in Medicare spending. NEJM asks, 'Slower Growth in Medicare Spending -- Is This the New Normal?'  'On the whole, we do not believe that the recent slowdown in Medicare spending growth is a fluke,' wrote the researchers ...."

MORE:  How The Affordable Care Act Could Quash The GOP’s Dream Of Medicare Privatization  "What if 'Obamacare' not only helped save Medicare from fiscal doom, but also quashed the GOP’s longstanding goal of privatizing the program?  It’s too early to know what will ultimately happen, but new evidence suggests that nightmare scenario for conservatives is within the realm of possibility."

Romney Refuses Medicare

For Your Information

"Watching with growing unease as the GOP presidential nomination fight promises to stretch into the spring, Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are making moves to protect their own re-election prospects in the fall.  The aim is to fashion a political and legislative agenda to sharpen the party's case against President Barack Obama and Democrats, and make a coherent argument for why the Democratic-controlled Senate, and not the GOP-led House, is to blame for the congressional gridlock that has disheartened the public.  A side benefit is that the legislative strategy might shift public attention away from some of the social issues that have recently dominated their party's presidential contest."

Just a little look to the 2012 future.

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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