Monday, March 26, 2012

Ryan' Budget Makes 2012, Affordable Care on Trial

2012 Politics -- Budget & Medicare

"This week, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released what amounts to the most substantive roadmap for fiscal policy that any Republican is likely to offer in 2012.  Many political pundits and policy analysts, especially those on the left, are eager to dig into the details to alert the public about the potential (negative) impacts of a budget that slices off $5 trillion in total federal spending compared with the plan offered by President Obama in February."

"While most of the Republican candidates for president have signaled support for Ryan’s proposal, Governor Romney’s proposals probably track the closest, particularly in the area of Medicare reform.  This is a big deal, since it suggests that the presumptive Republican nominee will be advancing an agenda that also echoes the key policy contrast that Ryan is purposely setting up for November."

Affordable Care on Trial

"The Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act will have immense political importance.  The law, which rivals Medicare in scope, is the biggest achievement of the Obama administration.  Striking it down has become a Republican crusade.  The justices, like the rest of the country, are clearly aware of the politics of the moment.  But a decision on the merits will endure long after this election season -- it could alter the allocation of power within American government and Congress’s authority to solve national problems."  "Here is a look at the issues to be argued over three days this week in this extraordinary case."

It seems to me that most Conservative Republicans are taking it for granted that the Supreme Court will strike down Affordable Care.

For Your Information

The Barbarism of the Health-Care Repeal Crusade  --  "I’m comfortable with the market creating vastly unequal rewards of many kinds.  But to make health insurance an earned privilege is to condemn people to physical suffering or even death because they failed to secure a job that gives them health insurance, or they don’t earn enough, or they happened to contract an expensive illness, or a member of their family did."

"Final Nail In The Coffin Of This Country": Another Year Of Wild Attacks On The Health Care Law  --  "After waging an epic misinformation campaign during the debate over the Affordable Care Act and throughout the year following its signing, right-wing media have continued attacking the health care law, claiming that it is the 'final nail in the coffin of this country' and that it 'makes everyone a slave.'  As the two-year anniversary of the health care law approaches, Media Matters looks back at the right-wing media's latest attacks on health care reform."

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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