Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quiet Friday - Quiet Weekend

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McCaskill Supports Seniors

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) shares her views about Medicare and Social Security:  "I never need to go far if I need a reminder of how important Medicare and Social Security are to Missouri's seniors.  My mom, Betty Anne, is one of millions for whom these services provide a reliable safety net.  Across the country, these protections are an integral part of sustaining millions of seniors' health and dignity.  Unfortunately, some misguided politicians in Washington don't understand the value of these protections."

Something to Remember

"President Obama has enjoyed a string of marquee victories against terrorist networks, but voters' concerns about the economy are obscuring what would have been significant political wins just a few years ago."  "The threat of terrorism has clearly been eclipsed by growing worries about the economy. That change in political dynamics represents both a remarkable change in the perceptions of the national parties and a bittersweet problem for a president facing reelection."

If You're interested in Learning More

From the National Academy of Social Insurance:  Medicare.

From the Medicare Rights Center:  Medicare Answers.

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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