Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking It To the Streets, Committee Hearing Planned, Medicare: Cain's Target of Destruction


Hands Off-No Cuts Activists Say: “We’re Not a Mob but We Are Angry”:  "NCPSSM’s Hands Off-No Cuts activists were in Philly on Friday and just to set the record straight -- they are angry but they’re not a mob."

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is putting its words into action.  They are just one of the many groups who are fed up with ridiculous actions and nonsensical proposals coming from Washington and many state capitols.  Advocates for Medicare and Social Security should join in whenever their pre-paid public benefits are attacked.  Please check NCPSSM's Web site on a regular basis.

Joint Committee Hearing

"Members of the Committee will hold a hearing entitled 'Overview: Discretionary Outlays, Security and Non-Security' on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. in 216 Hart Senate Office Building.  Dr. Doug Elmendorf, Director, Congressional Budget Office, Washington DC, will testify."

This is the first public activity of the Joint Committee for many weeks.  Some of the previous hearings were available on the Joint Committee Web site.  It's not clear whether C-SPAN will have live coverage.

MORE:  CQ Reporter Richard Cohen on Deficit Committee (Washington Journal): video from C-SPAN.  This is a good discussion.  If you have time, give it a listen.

Medicare: In the Crosshairs

"[Herman] Cain’s plan ends several of the current taxes that help fund federal government programs, including the payroll tax that finances Social Security -- one of the most popular government programs there is.  That would seem like a political loser, given that Americans of all political stripes oppose cuts to the program."

"But Sunday, Steve Forbes, a former presidential candidate and long-time proponent of the flat tax, praised Cain’s 999 plan specifically for not funding Social Security and Medicare in an editorial published in the New York Post:  'The Cain plan would rid us of not only the federal income tax, but also the Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes.'"

Some people -- especially if they are privileged -- just do not get it.  Will they ever?  While many wealthy people are generous and understand that we all are in this together, many others are too selfish or too self absorbed to know or to care.  Will they ever change?

Republican Reality-Free Zone

The Republican Politics-Before-Patriotism Zone


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