Friday, October 14, 2011

Update on the Joint Committee - and Advice for Them, Medigap Under Attack

Serious Considerations By the Joint Committee

Update on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction: From Kaiser Health News -- What Is The Super Committee Doing? Advocates Elbow Lawmakers On Cuts.  "Jackie Judd talks with KHN's Mary Agnes Carey about the latest in talks around the 'super committee's' efforts to cut the deficit.  Advocates and lawmakers are busy whispering what health programs should be shielded from cuts and which should be on the chopping block."

Serious Advice for the Joint Committee

"Kaiser Health News asked Henry J. Aaron of The Brookings Institution, Nina Owcharenko from The Heritage Foundation and Third Way's David Kendall what they view as the most substantive issue or challenge facing this panel, and what advice they might offer -- specifically in regard to health care entitlement programs -- to tackle it."

As usual, thoughtful and provoking information, analysis, and opinion.  Strongly recommended reading.

Destroying Medigap To Save Medicare?

"Nearly one in five Medicare beneficiaries rely on Medicare Supplemental insurance policies (Medigap) to fill in the gaps of some of their Medicare coverage."  "Among the proposals raised to achieve savings for Medicare as part of ongoing debt and deficit reduction talks, some policy-makers have suggested changing the way Medigap policies are structured.  Under the assumption that charging beneficiaries more upfront will deter them from using unnecessary medical care, these proposals seek to increase Medigap deductibles and other cost-sharing."

The aged need Medigap coverage that actually helps THEM.  There are numerous other ways to address legitimate budget issues.

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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