Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Silent Super Committee, Social Security No Longer Unconstitutional

Joint Committee Mum

"The 12 members of the deficit Super Committee have been so tight lipped about their negotiations, that most of the clues about their progress come from Congressional colleagues -- most of whom are also in the dark about specifics.  At his weekly Capitol briefing Tuesday, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) had a hard time pegging the panel’s chances for reaching an agreement to achieve trillions of dollars in deficit reduction.  But he insisted that if the panel failed to achieve significant savings, Congress will have to keep chipping away."

Still waiting.  Still waiting for the Joint Committee.  As time passes, I'm actually getting a little hopeful that something positive might come out of the Committee.  I'm surprised that no news at all has leaked -- almost an impossibility in Washington.  To me, this might indicate that something real is happening -- at least something so surprising or compelling that none of them can object strongly and try to attack it before it even emerges.  Or, their punishment on an individual who squeals is devastating.

Private Social Security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has ditched the idea that Social Security is unconstitutional.  "At other points, Perry mentioned that Social Security should be returned to the states, a 'solution' that is economically impossible.  Today, however, Perry walked all of that back, choosing instead to join his GOP colleagues in their support of privatizing Social Security.  In a Wall Street Journal op-ed outlining his new economic plan, Perry touted the benefits of 'personal' accounts, the GOP’s buzzword for privatization."

Sill not a popular position.  Look, if you want to carry out the wishes of the people, you need to listen to them.  If you "believe" in an extreme position, you should own it.  If you want progress, you've got to lead by inspiring people to believe as you do.  Gov. Perry doesn't seem able to do any of the above.

For Your Information

For Your MIS-Information

It's unbelievable that this ultra-conservative group can claim that AARP is anti-aging, turn around and support completely irrelevant issues, and say -- here, above -- that "AARP is forever AWOL in the battle to protect seniors and their families."  I'd like to find out who their contributors are.

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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