Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Medicare Premiums

Another quiet day for Medicare politics.  But we know something is brewing.

Increased Medicare Premiums in the Future?

"House Republicans intend to propose a gradual increase in Medicare premiums for wealthy seniors to help cover the cost of renewing Social Security payroll tax cuts and benefits for the long-term unemployed, officials said Wednesday.  The precise details remain to be worked out as the leadership consults with rank-and-file Republicans about the legislation, which has grown significantly in recent days and is expected on the House floor next week."

For Your Information

Obama sees “make or break” time for middle class:  "President Barack Obama delivered a sweeping indictment of economic inequality in the U.S. on Tuesday as he summoned the memory of President Theodore Roosevelt and pledged to fight for fairness at a 'make or break moment for the middle class.'"

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