Friday, December 30, 2011

NCPSSM Stumping In New Hampshire, The Past and the Future

Hands Off - No Cuts

"The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM) . . . will dispatch its mobile billboard to the 'Granite State' in time for the January 10th Presidential primary. The 'Hands Off-No Cuts' billboard, part of the National Committee's campaign which has successfully fought threatened cuts to Social Security and Medicare as part of deficit reduction, has traveled across the nation reminding political candidates and incumbents that the majority of Americans reject proposals cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits to balance the budget."


From Pearl Korn:  "Usually, at this time of year, we take personal stock of where we have been and what we hope to accomplish in the coming year.  ...  2011 has been a very tough year, coming on the heels of a very tough decade, but we Americans are a rugged people and we seem to have a knack for getting through rough times, so optimism -- even if it's a bit shaky these days -- should not be left totally out of our thoughts for the coming year."

"The GOP would like nothing better than to slash fees once and for all to such an extent that the program collapses, forcing doctors to refuse to serve Medicare patients. However, it was once again brought back from the brink as the proposed slashing of fees is shelved for another year."  "The GOP has been effective in their efforts to divert the debate from the real issues that need addressing to 'conservative' myths like Social Security and Medicare insolvency.  Confusion and fear are the hallmarks with the GOP attack machine, aided and abetted by unprecedented amounts of unidentified money thrown into campaigns as a result of the Citizens United decision...."

Our Difficult Future

"To an unappreciated extent, the legislative whipsawing in 2011 has set the country and the parties up for a major reckoning about the role and size of government at the end of next year.  And the outcome of the election will help determine which side of the argument wins.  On January 1, 2013, the country’s scheduled to undergo enormous policy shifts automatically.  At the stroke of midnight -- and in the absence of Congressional action -- all of the Bush tax cuts are set to expire; large, automatic cuts to the defense budget, Medicare providers, and other domestic programs are set to kick in; and (most likely) the payroll tax cut will end.  Around the same time, the country will once again run out of borrowing authority."

For Your Information

From NCPSSM: How Seniors are Benefiting from the Affordable Care Act.  "The Affordable Care Act signed into law on March 23, 2010, aims to provide greater access to health care coverage, improve the quality of services delivered, and lower overall health care costs.  Many seniors are benefiting from provisions of the law that are already in place such as receiving free preventive services and paying lower Medicare prescription drug costs.  [Here] are some key benefits in the Affordable Care Act that seniors need to know."


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