Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wyden/Ryan Anti-Medicare Plan, Reaction to Combative House, The Lie Lives On, Ryan In Good Standing, Keystone XL


Repacked Vouchers

"Senator Wyden and Congressman Ryan's voucher plan offers a slight twist on the same failed approach to Medicare reform that was originally offered by the Ryan legislation and rejected by the majority of Americans -- coupon care for seniors.  The Ryan/Wyden voucher plan would shift a growing share of Medicare costs to beneficiaries without reducing overall costs in the program while undermining traditional Medicare."  From NCPSSM.

Most people are onto this particular trick.  Get someone from the other side to sign on and make it look bipartisan.  However, it's still partisan (plus one) and it's still a bad idea with a miniscule twist.  No reason to be deceived or to give it further consideration.

Possible New Opportunity

Also from NCPSSM:  "So, it’s been another wild week in Washington as passage of a stimulus plan that once seemed a foregone conclusion faced unexpected defeat in the House.  You don’t have to look far to see the hundreds of millions of reasons why this nation needs a stimulus package.  For the unemployed now scheduled to lose their unemployment insurance benefits to America’s seniors on Medicare this legislation also included critical provisions necessary for their survival."

What a sham!  Today, the Republicans in the House are perhaps the most vile and deceptive politicians in Washington.  To pretend that they want a year instead of two months when they clearly are opposed to the whole bill stretches credibility.  I hope the Senate sends back their bill exactly, except for changing two months to twelve months.  Dare the House to sign what it says it wants.

PolitiFact Fix

"Yesterday, I sent an email to Politifact editor Bill Adair, expressing my horror over his group's decision to designate 'Republicans voted to kill Medicare' as the 'lie of the year.'  ...  'Take it back quickly and explain the (probably self-inflicted) pressures you were under, and perhaps you can rehabilitate yourselves.  Perhaps,' I wrote in my email.  'This really makes me sick at heart.  You have taken a wonderful idea -- and a lot of good work -- and perverted it beyond belief.'  I haven't heard back."  -- Dan Froomkin, Senior Washington Correspondent, Huffington Post.

MORE:  Dems' 'Mediscare' a dubious winner.  And the Republicans already are on the offense: "Republican lawmakers rejoiced Tuesday after Democrats' line of attack against their Medicare overhaul was named the 2011 'Lie of the Year' by the fact-checking website PolitiFact."  Instead of rejoicing, they should have been addressing the payroll tax cut extension instead of procedurally setting it aside.

Ryan Still Liked By GOP

"House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan made his Republican colleagues vote on a risky Medicare overhaul plan this spring only to release a new, dialed-back plan with Sen. Ron Wyden last week.  But he doesn’t seem to have been hurt by his change of direction.  In fact, Ryan’s political standing among Republicans may be stronger now than it was before -- because he has demonstrated he can reach beyond the GOP base and broaden the appeal of a conservative, market-based approach to health care."

Another consequence of Sen. Ron Wyden's ill advised action.  Never underestimate the power of a shrewd political move -- or of a political slip.

For Your Information

The Keystone XL Pipeline Scam -- Remember my comments on October 12 about the Keystone XL Pipeline -- that it seemed very odd that a so-called senior advocacy group (6o Plus) would call for action on this issue, being as it is completely irrelevant to aging concerns?  Well, now perhaps we can see a little of the planning and machinations that must have gone into this piece of lobbying and deception.  How many other little levers must they have placed in preparation for this move?  And next?  How about Senior Citizens Applaud Strong Action Against Internet Piracy.

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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