Monday, December 12, 2011

MRC Speaks Out, NCPSSM Says Protect the Middle Class, RomneyCare Copies RyanCare, RomneyCare Not the Gingrich Plan


Advocacy:  Short and To the Point

From the Medicare Rights Center:  "The latest proposal by the House leadership to further increase Medicare premiums for supposedly 'high-income' people with Medicare, those with minimum incomes of $80,000 per year, is misguided.  It is ironic that many of the same lawmakers who refuse to increase revenues by raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires are supporting a measure that would, in effect, increase taxes on older Americans and people with disabilities with relatively modest incomes."

The Medicare Rights Center is an expert on Medicare and its impact on the aged and disabled.  Why?  Because they actually counsel them and help them deal with the eligibility and coverage problems of Medicare.  You don't often hear about those problems, although you do hear about ideas for changing eligibility and coverage to save money.  The fact is: there are eligibility and coverage changes that are needed which would HELP people who really need and depend on Medicare -- taxpayers who already have contributed to their pre-paid public benefits.

More Advocacy:  Asking the President's Help

Another major advocate, the National Committee To Preserve Social Security and Medicare, has "written to President Obama and Budget Director, Jack Lew, urging the administration to protect programs vital to hard-working Americans and their families as the administration prepares its Fiscal Year 2013 budget.  Social Security and Medicare provide lifelines to millions who still suffer in this economy, yet these programs continue to be targeted by those in Washington hoping to balance the budget by cutting benefits to seniors, the disabled, and their families."

NCPSSM is working hard to protect vital pre-paid public benefits.  You, too, should write the President and ask him to do everything he can to truly strengthen Medicare and Social Security.

Romney Favors Ryan Plan

"Mitt Romney left it to his campaign surrogates yesterday to gush over Paul Ryan’s Medicare privatization plan and bash Newt Gingrich’s early opposition.  But today, the candidate discussed it himself in Iowa.  Asked by an audience member at a rally whether he would sign Ryan’s plan, Romney danced around the question but made clear that he had plenty of love for the Wisconsin congressman’s approach.  'When his plan came out I applauded it as a very important step, I said my plan would be a little different,' Romney said."

Yeah, but not much different.  A Conservative Republican is basically the same regardless of fine points or details.  If he gains the nomination, it will be interesting to see how he tries to maximize his voter appeal by minimizing his unpopular positions on Medicare and Social Security.

Romney Attacks Gingrich Plan

"The Romney campaign stepped up its assault on Newt Gingrich Friday with a web video hitting the former House speaker for going against party orthodoxy in May.  Soon after he jumped into the race, Gingrich was asked about his thoughts on a plan proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to overhaul Medicare. Gingrich called the plan, which would institute voucher accounts for beneficiaries, 'right-wing social engineering.'  Public outcry from the party forced Gingrich to walk back his statement and eventually offer support for Ryan's proposal."

"The Romney campaign makes hay with that outcry in the web video, playing sound bites from leading Congressional Republicans praising the Ryan plan and conservatives criticizing Gingrich's comment."

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