Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Congress, 2012 Medicare, Wyden Gains Republican Support, Santorum Once Loved Medicare

The Republicans in 2011

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hit healthcare harder than any other issue in a statement criticizing the first year of the Republican majority.  Arguing that Republicans aren't focused on jobs, the DCCC cited 21 floor votes on healthcare measures, including proposals to privatize Medicare and repeal all or part of Obama's healthcare law.  The DCCC statement faulted Republicans for 'nearly shutting down the government so they could defund Planned Parenthood [and] ending Medicare so they could protect tax breaks for Big Oil.'"

And TMDR followed the "action" (and inaction) as Congress made little progress in 2011.

Medicare in 2012

"It’s not the general election yet, but we already know what one key issue will be: Medicare.  Republicans in the House voted to basically end Medicare as we know it, a position Mitt Romney fully embraced in December.  Progressives think it’s never too early to remind voters where Republicans stand on the issue.  The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America are raising money to air an ad on the issue during the two debates this weekend.  The ad, which aired this June, is aimed at New Hampshire Rep. Charlie Bass who voted for the Ryan plan -- and who endorsed Mitt Romney."

This is the start of a theme we will hear over and over again this campaign season.  And, it's time for you to work on your own pitch when you talk with people who want to repeal Medicare or to weaken it.  Most likely, they simply are uninformed or ill-informed about what the Conservative Republicans want to do to Medicare.  Go out and educate everyone you can.

Republican Support for Wyden

"Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., has put himself in the middle of the debate over Medicare.  He and Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin have introduced a bipartisan proposal to reform the program. So far, Wyden's proposal is getting more support from Republicans than Democrats."  "Republicans are openly praising Wyden for the collaboration with the conservative congressman."

Santorum Used Medicare

"In the years before he lost his Pennsylvania Senate seat in 2006, Rick Santorum worked hard to win hundreds of millions of dollars in additional Medicare money ....  He sponsored at least two Senate bills and pushed to amend a mammoth Medicare overhaul to include the extra spending, which would have benefited Universal Health Services, a Pennsylvania-based hospital management company ....  If it seems at odds with the small-government philosophy Mr. Santorum now espouses in his presidential campaign, it was in line with his legislative efforts to help businesses in his state.  And some of those businesses were happy to return the favor.   Within months of leaving the Senate, Mr. Santorum joined the board of Universal Health Services, where he collected $395,000 in director’s fees and stock options before resigning last year."

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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