Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gingrich and Private Social Security, President Can Promote Medicare, GOP Continues Anti-Medicare Attack

Gingrich: Social Security For Investment Companies

From NCPSSM:  "There are many reasons primary voters cast the ballots they do … unfortunately, a deep understanding of the candidates’ positions on important (and sometimes complex) policy issues isn’t always at the top of the list.  This often leads to 'buyers remorse' once voters actually get a good look at the nominees’ positions on issues that truly impact the average American.  Issues like Social Security for example."

"We weren’t in South Carolina doing exit polling but are still willing to bet most voters have virtually no idea what the former Speaker plans for Social Security.  Not only does he support privatization, he doubles down on the failed Bush plan, by promising the private investment companies who might someday control your Social Security contributions that the government will back them up if/when they lose your money."

Presidential Opportunity

"In his State of the Union address, President Obama has a compelling story to tell the country about the importance of health security to America's middle class and why we have to stop the Republican assault on Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The ACA is an extraordinary accomplishment and is already making a huge difference in people's lives by making health care more affordable for families and businesses and protecting consumers from insurance company abuses.  Along with Social Security, these bedrock programs are essential to ensuring that everyone in this country has a fair shot at achieving the American Dream."

"The president could use the speech to remind the nation that Medicare and Medicaid are the cornerstones of our health care system and provide equal opportunity for all.  We don't want a society that leaves people to fend for themselves when they fall ill.  Only if everyone has affordable health care can we have a vibrant middle class to power the world's leading economy."

Ryan Marches On

"Republicans in the House of Representatives will put forward a budget plan this year that will seek substantial reforms to health benefits for the elderly and make aggressive strides toward reducing deficits, a senior lawmaker said on Friday.  House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said he wanted his budget plan to offer voters an alternative vision to the 'cradle-to-grave welfare state' that he says Democratic President Barack Obama is promoting.  The House Republican budget resolution will contain reforms to Medicare, the healthcare program for Americans 62 and over, such as providing subsidies to help recipients pay for private insurance, based on their wealth and medical needs."

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