Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oregon To Vote On Extreme Views, Medicare: The Issue of 2012, How To Pay For Social Security

Oregon Vote - National Test

"[Today] is the deadline for residents of Oregon’s first congressional district to vote in a special election for U.S. Representative -- and the Republican nominee in that race holds some rather extreme views."  "The Republicans selected unsuccessful 2010 nominee Rob Cornilles, a strategic consultant for sports-industry executives.  He supports partial privatization of Social Security, would cut Social Security and Medicare to avoid any defense cuts, and has called himself 'the original Tea Party candidate.'"

MORE:  Oregon Race Previews Medicare as Sleeper Issue in Campaign -- "The two political parties are test- marketing their strategies for the presidential campaign and congressional races in a special election in Oregon.  Republican candidate Rob Cornilles in ads is accusing Democrat Suzanne Bonamici of seeking to cut Medicare benefits for seniors because she supports President Barack Obama’s 2010 health law.  The Democratic campaign arm has linked Cornilles with a plan by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, to create Medicare vouchers that passed the U.S. House last April."  An interesting article.  Take a look.

Medicare 2012

"House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) controversial Medicare proposal could be a key issue during congressional races this year as Democrats seek to regain control of the House."  "Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said Medicare will be 'a defining issue in the 2012 elections.'  He said he is advising candidates to 'make sure that at every opportunity you mention the following three issues in alphabetical order and in order of priority, Medicare, 1; Medicare, 2; and Medicare, 3.'"

MORE:  "In the last few days, three mainstream news outlets elevated 'Medicare: The Political Story' into the headlines.  It was good to see that The New York Times, PBS’s Need To Know, and Reuters, all of which reach large audiences, have realized Medicare may be the most important health story of the campaign.  (Yes, perhaps more important than the Supreme Court’s ruling on the individual mandate.)  During the 2008 campaign, ... the candidates ignored Medicare.  It was not a winning issue, their advisers advised.  This year is different.  Both the GOP and the Dems see Medicare as political hay."

Social Security Financing

From NCPSSM:  "Talking about Social Security financing in a way that the average person can truly understand is a challenge.  Yet given the constant -- and often purposeful -- misinformation provided by those who hope to undermine the program, it’s a challenge we all must undertake because as FDR said 'Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.'"

More Extreme Republican Chatter

"Last week, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) announced he would take revenge for President Obama’s decision to make four recess appointments by engaging in a scorched earth campaign of obstruction against the president’s nominees."  Among his views, "Lee claimed that any federal program that provides health care or a retirement plan also violates the Constitution."

Tax Deal In The Works

"Top Republican lawmakers on Sunday said they expect to forge a deal with Democrats to extend the payroll tax cut before it expires at the end of February but offered no specifics on how they would pay for it.  'I'm confident that we'll be able to resolve this fairly quickly,' top congressional Republican John Boehner said."

For Your Information

When the President talked about tax rates and mentioned people "just like me," I wondered: How much does the President pay?  What is his tax rate?  "If Mitt Romney wins the GOP Presidential primary, his exceptionally low tax rate promises to loom large in the general election.  As you can see from this chart, it really takes a special kind of wealthy person to reduce tax liability so dramatically."


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