Thursday, January 12, 2012

GOP & Medicare Reform, Holding Ground, Whose Fact Is It

Republicans Oppose Health Reform, Jumbled on Medicare

From Kaiser Health News:  United Against Health Law, Medicare Reforms Divide GOP Presidential Candidates  "The GOP field is united in their opposition against Obama's Health Law, but differences remain in how they would reform Medicare."  Read the transcript / listen to the audio.

"JACKIE JUDD: Good day, this is Health on the Hill. I'm Jackie Judd.  Another day, another state.  The Republican presidential candidates have moved on to South Carolina where the next primary will be held January 21st.  Last night in New Hampshire, in Mitt Romney's victory speech, he again promised to roll back the health care overhaul law.
(ROMNEY SOUNDBITE: This president has enacted job-killing regulations; I’ll eliminate them.  He lost our AAA credit rating; I’ll restore it.  He passed Obamacare; I’ll repeal it.)
JACKIE JUDD: Repealing so-called 'Obamacare' is an issue that unites the GOP candidates.  What separates them from each other in terms of health care policy?  Here to answer that question: Kaiser Health News reporters Mary Agnes Carey and Marilyn Werber Serafini."

More great coverage and perspective from Kaiser Health News, and that's why TMDR keeps you informed of their Medicare coverage.  Of course, when the Republicans have a candidate, they also will have something like a singular voice about the changes they want to make to Medicare.  But beware.  The Republican Candidate might say something moderate and still be very willing to sign a radical Republican plan if delivered to him as President.

Partisans Stand Firm

"In the debates and campaign ads leading up to the New Hampshire primary a new strain of Republican politics has suddenly surfaced -- a brand of compassionate capitalism that, were it to come from President Obama, Newt Gingrich would describe as socialism.  Gingrich has led this emergence with his blistering critique of Mitt Romney for being too good of a capitalist."

Because of strong Republican and Democrat differences, there are two "very different visions of our country.  That's why members of Congress and the President can't give any ground on key issues like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  If everyone is in favor of cuts to these and other important programs, then the boundary between the two sides will be blurred beyond recognition, and the choice will not be clear on Election Day."

Just the Facts

From NPR:  Political Fact-Checking Under Fire  "Sites like PolitiFact and are designed to verify political claims and hold politicians accountable.  But critics say fact-checking entities are themselves biased.  The Weekly Standard's Mark Hemingway and Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post discuss fact-checking in American politics."  Read the transcript / listen to the audio (30 minutes).

More Facts

"So maybe PolitiFact isn't the arbiter of truth it wants to be, even in the traditional media. Greg Sargent reports on the refusal of two TV stations to yank Democratic ads making the claim that House Republicans voted to end Medicare."

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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