Friday, January 13, 2012

The Lie That Won't Die, Raising Medicare Eligibility Age, Older Voters Helped Romney, Health Care for All, Candidates' Health Coverage

What Is Medicare?

"PolitiFact and others should have left it there and devoted space to the larger issue.  Medicare may be wildly popular, but it is not well understood by most people -- be they beneficiaries, politicians, or journalists. Deconstructing how this complicated and misunderstood program works and the historical context for proposed changes would go a long way to helping the public evaluate the arguments from both Democrats and Republicans."

Good reading. I strongly recommend this piece to you -- a clear description of the context  of the Medicare political debate.

Medicare Age Increase Bad Idea

From NCPSSM: "We couldn’t help but scratch our heads a bit at all the attention generated by the latest CBO report on raising the eligibility age for Medicare and retirement age for Social Security.  You really don’t have to be an economist to know that cutting benefits to millions of Americans saves the government money.  Of course, it also shifts costs to seniors and employers, forces millions more into Medicaid or into private insurance exchanges (which will go away if conservatives have their way and repeal healthcare reform) and cuts benefits for those who can’t stay on the job until they’re 70 years old.  However, those real-life consequences are never fully discussed by Washington’s fiscal hawks.  Never."

But wait; there's more.  You should be sure to read this well presented argument and then memorize a few facts that will help you explain the financial and budget implications.  This information is clear and compelling.  Thanks, NCPSSM.

Romney Should Thank Older Voters - Not Betray Them

"Powered by older voters, Mitt Romney won an unmistakable nod of approval from New Hampshire in the GOP presidential sweepstakes."  "Fifty-six percent of GOP primary voters were over 50 years old, and 4 in 10 of those older voters cast ballots for Romney -- a much better showing than four years ago.  Then, Romney won the oldest voters, but lost the 50-to-64 year olds to McCain.  This year, Romney swept both age groups, swamping his competition 2-to-1."

I hope older voters learn more about the positions of Republican Presidential hopefuls on Medicare and Social Security.

Strategy Conference

"Join activists from around the country to plan strategy to win guaranteed single-payer national health insurance at the Healthcare-NOW! National Strategy Conference, January 28 and 29, 2012 in Houston.  Special topic:  how to mobilize support for single payer in southern states."  It's not too late to register.

From Health Care For All - Texas:  "Did you Know?  Medicare Pays for More than Health Care for the Elderly.  It pays for -- 1. The sickest Americans:  the elderly and the disabled, 2.  Most medical residencies, 3.  Most durable equipment for many hospitals.  For-profit health insurance companies do NOT pay for any of this."

The Candidates' Health Insurance

Republican Candidates Get Lucky on Health Insurance  "Mitt Romney's rivals may enjoy repeating his line that he likes 'being able to fire people who provide services to me,' but when it comes to health insurance, he has the luxury of choosing among several coverage options, thanks to the health care reform law he signed in his home state.  Romney, like all his rivals for the Republican nomination, says he would like to repeal the 2010 health care reform law, privatize parts of Medicare, and create a system in which more people shop for health insurance on the individual market.  But that’s not the option most of the candidates have taken for their personal health care -- which is not surprising, considering that the individual market is generally the most restrictive and most expensive place to buy health insurance."

For Your Information

The Republican Reality-Free Zone


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